Indoor Coverage

You know how it is to be unaccessable by phone. to go to the window to make your call. The need to go outside a building to receive that imported incoming call.

Stop it at once. We’ll bring you the right solution for your indoor coverage , for 2G-3G-4G-4,5G , voice & data.

  • Coiler repeaters

    Coiler repeaters

    Coiler is a world-leading manufactorer of indoor usable repeaters. On your demand they're produced band-selective and channel-programmable. There 're several powerlevels availble, like 10, 20, 23, 30 dbm.

  • DAS-solutions


    DAS stands for Distributed Antenna System. The used components, connected with coax, will distributing your hf signal all through the building to perform a perfect communication.

  • Antennas


    Every building, every construction has another need of the right antenna. Find a selection on the next pages.

  • Coax Cabling

    Coax Cabling

    The coax in your DAS solution is the highway to transport your calls. The better the coax, the better the communication.

  • Accessories


    To build the highway with coax, you'll need the tools and accessories.

  • Femto Cells

    Femto Cells

    A FEMTO-CELL is a router connected directly to the internet. It will bring you indoor-coverage selected by your provider on one band.